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Drainage Tiles and Sump Pumps

The perimeter drain tile system is a key component in keeping your basement dry during high water tables, spring thaw, and heavy rains. Choosing the right system for your home is important. Installing components without a proper slope or incorrectly can greatly reduce the life of the system.

water pooling in a basement drain tile importance

The Importance of Drain Tile Slope

The perimeter drain tile pipes need to be installed with a proper slope to scour away scale and sediments with the waterflow. Installing the perforations in the pipes in the correct locations and properly bedding the pipe are equally as important as proper slope.

Proper Installation is Key

At Able Basement and Structural Solutions we do not recommend installing the perimeter drain tile on top of the footing. The footing is level and this prohibits the drain tile from being installed with proper slope. This location also prohibits the future installation of certain methods of foundation wall repair such as steel beam reinforcements or vertical pilasters. It also can weaken the structure by lessening the amount of concrete to resist the bottom of the foundation wall from sliding inward due to hydrostatic pressure from the soil outside.

strong structural installation of drain tile pipes
Diagram of a drain tile system guaranteed to be installed well

Our System Goes Beyond Being a Good Product

At Able Basement and Structural Solutions our staff includes a state licensed master plumber and journeymen plumbers that are well versed in properly installing, bedding, and sloping drain tiles and that is why we can offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry. Our system goes beyond being a good product, it is a good product well installed - guaranteed.

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