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Foundation Waterproofing 

Effective foundation waterproofing is more than just one product; it’s a system with three critical components: a membrane to protect the concrete; a drainage mat to relieve hydrostatic pressure and allow water to drain down, instead of in. French drain at the footing level to carry water to a daylight drain or to a sump pump.


Chemical Free Waterproofing 

We use a pre-applied membrane that has been designed and tested to withstand elevated concentrations of soil, water and vapor contaminants. When installed below the slab and behind vertical walls, our process creates a barrier preventing water & vapor from transmitting into the structure. this process is chemical free, so it doesn't ruin your soil around your home preventing any flowers to grow.

The best waterproofing for concrete walls protects the foundation from soil and liquid moisture. To optimize protection, apply waterproofing systems to all foundation walls with earth on one side and usable space on the other (including crawl spaces). For added effectiveness, extend waterproofing at least 12 inches onto intersecting walls. For very wet sites, continue the waterproofing on other walls since water may travel through the keyway, along the footing, and into occupied areas.


Advantages of Exterior Excavation and Waterproofing

  • Installing an interior weeping tile system is a very effective means of keeping your basement dry; however, water continues to infiltrate the concrete blocks due to their exposure to constant hydrostatic pressure. While interior perimeter drainage will drain the water to the sump pit/liner, the exterior walls are not protected.

  • External excavation and waterproofing involve the replacement of the weeping tile along the excavated area and provides you with an opportunity to remove sediment and roots which may be clogging the weeping tile along the unexcavated sections of the foundation. A weeping tile flush is required to clear existing weeping tile.

  • External excavation provides an opportunity to straighten and reinforce a bowed concrete block foundation wall.

  • When performing external excavation and waterproofing the installation of a cleanout is generally included (this allows easy access to the weeping tile from above grade in order to clean out clogged weeping tile).

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