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Foundation and Structural Repair

The foundation of a home helps to support its weight. Common issues with this area of the home include foundation settlement, bowing walls, and wall or floor cracks. Prompt action is needed whenever these issues are noticed. Failure to take care of the problem quickly can cause it to escalate into additional damage, or it may cause problems for the structural integrity of the home.

Excavated residential foundation being repaired with cinder blocks

How to Identify Foundation and Structural Issues:

At Able Basements we offer a free structural evaluation. These are some of the warning signs we look for to help assess the problem: 

  • Cracks in the walls, floors, and columns.

  • You might see misalignment in the doors and window frames, where the door doesn’t seem to line up with the frame, making it difficult to open the door.

  • Bowing in your basement walls, where the walls seem to bend inward, or sagging crawl space floors.

  • There might be water damage throughout lower portions of your home, especially in your basement, as water seeps through cracks in the foundation.

  • Outside your home, your chimney might lean to one side, and the front porch or stoop might seem as though it sits lower than normal.

Common Causes for Structural Issues

Most settlement problems are a result of structures being built on poorly compacted fill dirt which has been infiltrated by storm water. Existing soil conditions, as well as poor construction, can cause settlement problems.

Load-bearing wall removed and replaced with a support beam

What Happens if You Don't Correct the Issues?

Structural Damage

  • Foundation issues can lead to extensive structural damage. Doors and windows may develop gaps and not close properly, floors might dip or round, and walls might crack. The longer the problem persists, the more issues you’ll notice throughout your home.


Plumbing Issues

  • Foundation issues pose a significant threat to plumbing throughout your home. This is especially true for pier and beam foundations, where pipes can become intertwined with the foundation and weave into the house. The problem can even plague the pipes running through your walls and beneath floors, as shifting foundations can place stress in these areas by causing structural displacement throughout your home.


Water Damage

  • Moisture can seep into your home via cracks and crumbled spots, potentially causing significant water damage throughout your home. If you have a basement, water can seep through the basement walls, causing damage to flooring, furniture, walls, and other structures throughout the space. The longer the moisture remains a problem, the higher the likelihood of mold and mildew growth in your basement.

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